Towards the end of last year, Toyole emailed me this write-up that was written by her friend Itoro. She only wanted me to read it, but I really liked it and asked for Itoro’s permission to post it. I am positive you will like this beautiful piece after reading it.


I knew love

Or so I thought

Well, for starters, the love I knew had an ultimatum

Love me and I’ll love you

Fair enough.

The love I knew was in a give and take relationship with me

Whatever I put into it was what I got from it

The love I knew was beautiful when things were rosy and calm

But when the storm came, I swear I couldn’t recognise the love I thought I knew.

I found it surprising how the love I knew quickly became best friends with anger when I said or did something wrong

The love I knew was two-faced like a coin

When the odds were not in my favour, the same coin that showed me the love I knew

Showed me the hatred and bitterness I had no intention of knowing

But hey!

The love I knew gave me cards on my birthday

The love I knew told me “ I love you”

The love I knew treated me like a princess

But had no qualms with treating another person, like its very own slave

So yeah the love I knew was not very kind

The love I knew was also not very patient

When the love I knew could not survive my shortcomings,

The love I knew gave up on me.


Rumour has it that there is a different kind of love

One I’m not familiar with.

They say this love is genuine

Oh really?

This love just saw you make that “yeah-right” face

But loves you anyway

This love loved you before the beginning of time

This love has no ultimatum

It loves you anyway whether or not it gets love back from you

And through the rain and the storm

This love does not waiver

This love is slow to anger

This love never changes

And when it is hard to look at yourself and love yourself

This love reminds you that it is big enough for two

Even though this love is PERFECT!

This love does not expect you to be perfect and loves you with all your shortcomings.

This love is the reason that there is a day celebrated as your birthday.

This love was the reason the most perfect being died

Because this love just wanted you to know that it loved you!!!!

This love tells you that there is a place in heaven for you

This love loves you too much to give up on you

And if the word “you” was replaced by the word “me”

in this entire paragraph

Nothing would change

So yes, this love loves ME

Just as much as it loves YOU

And just when I say to myself

I would be stupid not to take all the money that I have and give it in exchange for this love

This love smiles and tells me that there is no need for that

 By Itoro Edelduok

  • frances
    February 1, 2015

    Struggling with something on my mind, how I dealt with someone.
    I was given God’s love even if I don’t deserve it. I can extend same too. Yes, I should.
    Thanks Itoro

  • likes facebook
    February 25, 2015

    I do not even understand how I finished up here,
    but I believed this put up was great. I ddo not know whoo you might be however definitely
    you are going to a fajous blogger for those who aren’t already.


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