The needed back up

I am a small girl with a big mouth which sometimes gets me in trouble. This almost happened in the story I told you in for the love of epa and some other unwritten events. Now, I know I can’t fight, so I am careful not to go too far so I would not be beaten and my mother won’t have to ask why I provoked people that are bigger than me to anger. I do feel like I can fight though, not just with my mouth, but also with my fists when I have my personal people with me. Sadly, these precious souls are equally without strength , but who would know they are chickens, after all there is strength in numbers. It’s fine when there are three of us against a tiny person, but when the opposition is more, girl, you better respect yourself.

Elisha’s servant was trying to tell him to respect himself because they had annoyed the big boys who were now after them. One thing you should know about Elisha is that he saw more with his spiritual eyes than he did with his physical eyes and this common sight which many of us have, but don’t use allowed him conquer many battles before they even happened. Elisha as we all know was persistent enough to stay with old Elijah, despite being told by the prophet that what he desired was impossible. You see, he wanted a double portion of Elijah’s anointing, but that was not going to be easy, infact it was almost impossible. But Elisha could already see all the spiritual goodies that accompanied having that kind of anointing, as a result, he refused to back down.

He did get it at the end of the day because he was focused enough to see Elijah being taken up to Heaven by a whirlwind (2 Kings 2: 1 – 17). So Elisha was no ordinary man and though his servant knew that, his servant did not really understand it. Elisha stopped the king of Israel from falling into the trap of the king of Syria and that annoyed the king of Syria. So he decided to take out Elisha because if he could successfully do that, it would be easier to take out Israel. Fear overcame Elisha’s servant when he saw the horses, chariots and great host that surrounded the city. The magnitude of the challenge and opposition took over, to the extent that fear made him a blind man. He ran to Elisha to break the news, but as a chilled man, Elisha simply told his servant to calm down that the people that were with them were more than those against them.

‘This man must be drunk or blind’, I am sure Elisha’s servant thought. I mean the opposition was clearly more, but Elisha knew there was nothing to fear because he had what the other team didn’t. it would have been frustrating to try to explain this to his servant so he just prayed to God to open the servant’s eyes. The servant’s eyes were opened quite alright because fear now seemed distant when he saw the mountain full of horses and chariots around Elisha. That was when he understood that his master was a boss that no one should mess with. Spiritual sight made him see they had sufficient back up (2 kings 6: 1- 19)

You need to wake up twice a day…. That is physically and spiritually – Stephen Furtick, in his sermon, ‘see it through’.

It is exactly the same way we have back up. See, there is really nothing to fear because greater is he that is in us that he that is in the world. Look at this, ‘For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith’ (1 John 5: 4). The bible is not joking by telling you that you are an overcomer. If only you know who you really are and what you are surrounded by. In Zachariah 2: 8, God told Zion that whoever touches them touches the apple of his eye. Boo, you are the apple of God’s eye and no one can mess with you except God gives them permission. No situation can overwhelm you except you allow it and we often allow it through fear.

Akinwale once told me that fear and faith can’t be twins in the same womb. One would have to kill the other. So you decide. But I hope you never forget that you have the needed back up any day, anytime. You just have to use your spiritual eyes to see them. Mind you, there won’t be any spiritual eyes to open if you don’t have a vibrant relationship with God, who is the only one capable of giving you authentic spiritual eyes.

How often do you open your spiritual eyes? Think on that love.

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  • Mobolaji
    March 9, 2016

    Hey hey hey!

    I was going to check up on you today again.

    I needed this post.?
    Sometime last week, I meditated on the time when Elijah asked His servant to go check the skies for rain seven times. The guy noticed Nada except something as small as the fist of a man!

    I’ve held on to that for a while and it really is encouraging. Whether the fist was small or not, it still rained! Only spiritual insight can cause someone to believe like Elijah did.

    God help us all.
    Thank you dear.?

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