The power of music.

Happy New Month Awesome blog Fam. May everything good come to us in this month of July. I am grateful for each person that reads this blog and keeps coming back to check for new posts regardless of my inconsistency. I am truly blessed and honoured to have you. 

Today, a guest writer, Ayotunde Oyebamiji will be sharing his thoughts on the power of music. Kindly read and spread the message. 

I overheard some guys say gospel music is crap.  And ’cause they don’t do crap, it means they don’t do gospel music. This kind of made me sit down to think and understand the sleek mysteries behind the production of every mp3 or mp4 i.e. every Music Audio or Music Video released to the media.  I could boil it all down to one thing, MOTIVE.

By motive, I mean the mindset behind the pen that wrote down the lyrics of every song.

I wondered what was ringing on Olamide’s mind when he wrote ‘story for the gods’ or what Tuface was thinking when he sang ‘enter the place’. I then compared it to what spirit was behind Tye Tribett’s ‘I love you forever’ or  Frank Edwards’ oghene do.

This is what I discovered. I realised that the wealth of knowledge in their minds dictated the kind of music they wrote and this is their peculiarity, whether good or bad.

The thing is most people don’t know or understand the power of music. Music has the ability to swiftly change what you believe into what someone else thinks. That’s crazy but it is what it is.

In Proverbe 4:23, Solomon admonished us to guard out heart with all diligence, for out of it flows the issues of life. Bu I like to rephrase it as guard and protect what enters into your mind diligently, for out of it flows your answers to life’s questions thrown at you. Hence, your answer to life’s questions is basically a function of what is entering into your mind.


Someone once said, I feel sad and moody whenever I listen to Adele’s rolling in the deep album. Then I remembered that Adele was sad and moody from a failed marriage when she wrote those songs in that album.  This reinforced my belief that the kind of music you either write or listen to has a unique way of affecting what you believe one way or the other.

So watch what you listen to. Let what you listen match up with the kind of kind of answers you will want to give to life’s questions when they are thrown at you because they will always be thrown at you.

To my fellow gospel artiste or music ministers, even though I don’t like calling us that cause the term gospel has streamlined your audience to just christians and we are sent to the unsaved and the unchurched not to the saved and the churched.  We have so much of us doing the Lord’s work for the sake of the money or the fame or so the industry can know our names and this is a misplace of purpose. We are called to show forth the praises of Him that has called us out of darkness into His marvellous light and not look for ways to utilise every opportunity as a means for our own advantage.

What music has turned into now isn’t what it used to be. People used to be a lot more conservative in their lyrics, artiste used to be less sexual and vulgar in their productions, but now, its vice-versa.

The music industry is so sexual and vulgar now that nothing sells until at least a pinch of something sexual is introduced. producers will tell you to reduce your tone if you’re talking about Jesus or preaching about the gospel but I’m not afraid because I know the preaching of the cross to them that perish is foolishness but to those that are saved, it is the power of God.

You see, Music is as powerful as the whole world because everywhere in the whole world music exists, at funerals, celebrations, in churches, in mosques, everywhere you can turn to there is music. It means as a musician, you have the power to speak to the world.

What kind of words do you speak and who do you glorify with this words? 

Music is good. Music is powerful. Music can heal. Music can change. Music can destroy. Music takes the shape of its user, it speaks the mind of its user, this is to say music in the hand of a wrong person is very dangerous.

This is a clarion call to all musicians to lend their voices for good and healthy music and not the crap the music industry keeps producing everyday. This is to encourage all gospel artiste and musicians to keep up the fight and indeed give God the glory through their music.

Do you understand the power of music?

  • Amaka
    July 8, 2016

    This is beautiful. Music is deeper than most people think. It has its spirit. It passes it’s own energy – either negative or positive. We just have to wise enough to DECIDE which ones to listen to. Thanks for writing.

    Heart Rays

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