The profession called begging.

My exceptionally awesome MSB readers, how are you all doing? I apologise for not posting yesterday for ‘their stories’. I have no excuse, but I do have one of my rants here for you today. Have fun reading and sharing.

For those of us that will rather do nothing and get rich like Kim Kardarshian (not hating. It’s what most say and it’s actually rare to be famous for doing nothing other than displaying your life publicly and crying for every little thing. My opinion, you have yours), I have found a way out. Just start begging.

Err don’t raise your eyebrow and think I’m drunk, you can actually start begging. It’s one of the oldest professions ever but this time around, begging has become sophisticated and well, unashamedly, a way of life. You can make your cool cash by being a sophisticated beggar. When you do, you can thank me but I don’t want out of your money because that will just make me slap you for taking my advice.

But really though, I don’t understand why we have so many beggars who are not even physically impaired when they can do so much more. Can you help me understand it because I can’t for the life of me get it. Why would you rather stand in the sun and sometimes rain, having on a pitiful look, begging for money that won’t feed you for days to come when you can develop yourself? I honestly do not sympathize with beggars. I used to but I stopped not because of the stories I have heard about how some people through begging use your money for ritual or to steal your star but because I read some books and heard the stories of some people who by my standard should be the ones out there begging but who have actually decided their life is worth more than being a beggar.

Just a little boy

Just a little boy

It’s really sad how I see so many young children begging, most of them are sent out by their parents to bring in something to feed the family, using the charm possessed by young children that is almost irresistible. You see someone with a minor disability begging like she can’t work and the funny thing is, just like most local politicians who come shouting like touts to their leader’s house, eat to their satisfaction and take thousands back home with them, saving for tomorrow is not in their dictionary. You will see the same set of politicians that came to your house yesterday and carried your money which they claim is their money in your house the next day, begging for money again and the routine continues. The money they collected yesterday was sucked up by booze, women and stupid things. Some smart ones save though. They take from you, come back and act like they were part of the foolish ones and collect from you again though they are only stacking up the wealth in their bank account (some of them even have more money than their leaders because of their ability to hail many of their bosses and suck honey from them). Most of these same set of beggars I see on the road are just like them although I don’t know what they finish the day’s money on. And just like some of the sleek politicians, we have some very skilled beggars that actually save and become richer by appealing to your emotional side. Well, sorry, hardly will any of you appeal to my emotional side when I know you can be much more than you already are.

I get more support is given to people with financial difficulties and disabilities in western countries but I think some states in Nigeria are also trying now especially with the advent of free vocational training but my darlings would rather beg than learn. It’s pathetic. Atleast those guys that wipe the wind shield of your car even if you shout at them not to are showing some sort of skill and are working for the money they get when you give them NGN 50 out of your kind heart but even they amaze me. You are young; you are strong, what is stopping you from working? Atleast, they are not stealing, some of us will say.

I think we should stop encouraging beggars especially young kids (though it’s their parents that should be slapped for sending those precious souls out in this dangerous world to beg just because…) and those that it’s clear it’s laziness that is doing them. Yes, they are not as privileged as you are, they don’t have money and all but they can use the money they have gathered from their years of begging to do something that will bring them money. The government and individual organizations can help in providing assistance for these ones and some of them are already doing that but the problem is, these people are not ready to take charge of their life in a better way. And really though, I’m talking like I’m not aware of the degrading economy we have in Nigeria and of how most are more interested in becoming fatter than feeding the many skeletal beings walking around. Regardless of this though, we need to stop giving ourselves excuses and making excuses for others too. If Nick Vujucic is not limiting himself despite his physical limitations, why should you that is just missing a finger and yes, I Know he had support and perhaps you don’t. But, that’s still not an excuse to fight for your life.

Lol! We even have stylish beggars. MSM and I were somewhere pricing weavon when a woman walked up to us. She preached about the salvation of God and even prayed for us. She had to spoil it by telling us to bring transport fare for her. Biko, did I ask you to come and preach to me? I mean this kind of stylish begging can even work against your message because non-believers might just be like: ‘see the person telling me to come to Christ begging though she is already in Christ. Isn’t there supposed to be better life in Jesus?’ Besides, I’m sure when Jesus said ask and it shall be given, he didn’t say you should be using his name to beg. I’m sure some of these people that go about preaching about God are not even genuinely doing it but are doing it so they can through it, have another source of Income from those that oblige them and give them money.

Summary of my rant is: please stop fueling the passion of beggars for begging. Help them in whatever way you can by giving them money, enrolling them in school or just be of an assistance but do this after you have ingrained in their mind that it’s a once in a blue moon thing. Not more heroine to kill their system and if you are a beggar and you are reading this, there is much more to your life than this. You just need to get off your lazy ass. Thank you.


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