The Religion called football

“Why watch 22 grown men run around on a field chasing one ball and start shouting whenever the ball crosses a particular line ” that was the first description a girl gave me about football and that pissed me Off so much. How could someone have such perception of a religion of mine.  dare

Yes I called it a religion because football isn’t just a game. It’s a hobby, a job. A lifetime involvement. A peace maker. It’s a religion. It is a calling. It is a source of happiness. It is the best way to make everyone come together in any country (ask Ivory Coast). It’s the best spouse a person can ever have as it stirs the deepest emotions from the grown men that reminds them of their prime in their youth, it brings the hardest people like me into tears, it’s not just a game; It’s more than that. It’s simply something that cannot be put into words. A euphoria that people have but can never be explained. kk

Once upon a time when I was finding myself as a young lad, I usually got bored then easily because of restrictive parents and not too many friends but then one-day I decided to switch into Supersports channels. That day, I saw highlights of a certain team called the golden Brazilian generation which consisted of Cafu, De lima, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho. At that moment I was so thrilled at what I saw I thought to myself that this could be my calling as I had a certain high which was different. I had never had such a feeling at the young stage of my life. I thought it was only me who had such feelings so I kept it to myself but then exposure to more people made me realise I wasn’t the only one under the spell of such beauty. My favourite colour was always blue and I already had natural hatred for arsenal and United until a certain Giafranco Zola showed his mesmerizing skills in an actual match that was unbelievable (combination of him and Tore Andre flo) for that goal. Then I knew that was gonna be my club because we had a connection I couldn’t explain. It’s been 11 years and we are still going strong. Yes I am a Chelsea fan.

chelFootball has made a bigger impact in the lives of those that see the beauty in the sport than most of them imagine. Let’s forget the 90 minutes that it is all about, when looking at some players like Cantona , Gaucho, Xavi, Drogba, Lampard, Giggs, and great men like Jose and Sir Ferguson, you will see it you the passion they possess, their abilities like it’s inbred. You will see the effect of determination , you see will power . You will see anger, joy, frustration, sadness, peace all in one micro second something not found anywhere else.

it even has an effect on the old

it even has an effect on the oldrejpivoimg

They tell you the most important thing, hard work and humility, and professionalism something that cuts across all fields. It has taught people to be in pressure situations even from the comforts of their seats. It has taught them how to be graceful in defeat. It has shown the power of people when they come together.what football tweachIn the past Pablo Escobar made sure he built pitches for young people. Even protected the footballers because of the psychological effect a national team playing had on a country, it even paints a very good image of the people even in conflicts. And the greatest of all it stopped a civil war singlehandedly
Football isn’t just a game it is a way of life and her lovers always anticipate the next football season



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