The. Special. Child!

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She told her husband she felt different when she was carrying her. Her husband asked her what she meant and she told him she couldn’t explain it, she just couldn’t find words to describe how she was feeling. It was like a mystery to her because she didn’t feel like that when she was pregnant with her sister. She knows every pregnancy is different, just like every child is different and carry different stars but she knew this one had in her a star that was just inexplicably different and rare. Her husband and others saw it when the child was born and started to grow. She did things differently, not in a bad way, just in a different way that amused everyone. She was smart. She was beautiful. She was too wise for her age, many told her. She was not ordinary and everyone knew that and like her mother, no one could explain it.


She was called special and told she would do special things. She would become too important to the world and she would lead a life different from the ones others lead. She was the special child and her sister accepted her fate as the extra-ordinary girl like her mother told her. She was just not the special one but they grew up and she was the one that started doing the special things. The world was shocked, she was shocked because her Star was just meant to be an extra-ordinary one, not a special one.


The one that was called special relaxed and never went the extra mile because she was already special. She was told she would lead a different life, a special life and she was until the pressure started killing her and she begged God to take away what made her special. He didn’t take it away though because he made her special for a reason, a reason she never took the time to find out. The special child that never found her purpose did not go ahead to fill the niche reserved for her and the word special lost its flavour. The extra-ordinary child did not aspire to be special, she just wanted to stay in her lane and be extra-ordinary yet she wanted to be more than extra-ordinary, even if not special. So she sent prayers to heaven and asked God to help her find her purpose and her purpose, she found. Then the world saw her filling the needed niche and they started to call her special.


Most of us humans like to believe we are not ordinary and even when we say we are ordinary, we tell those that care to listen that we know we are meant to do extra-ordinary things. Indeed, we are meant to do extra-ordinary things. Things that can only be done if we find our true purpose and stay true to it and ourselves. Things that can be done if we don’t sit back and not do any work, expecting the extra-ordinariness to just be there. But we have people like that. You know people like that, the special ones. The people you know are more than ordinary and more than extra-ordinary. You try to look for a word to classify them and you call them special because you can’t find any word to describe them.


They might live ordinary lives and they might not know they are special, but you know and you can’t explain why they are special. You might hate them; you might like them but you can’t deny the fact that they are special. Some of those special people really do special things and some don’t and you wonder what happened to them. You wondered what happened to their special star but at the end of the day, whether or not you have the label of the special child, if you don’t work, what makes you special starts withering. Whether you are ordinary, extra-ordinary or special, you might never get to do amazing things if you get distracted on your way to the right path or while on the right path. He/she is called special but like the extra-ordinary girl, there are special abilities in you waiting to be unfolded.


Do not keep living life without taking the time to know why you are here and where you are needed.

Td Jakes


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    February 27, 2015

    Thanks for this I needed it

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