The walker; our supposed saviour.

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Most of you know I have a beautiful niece. If you don’t know, you can see for yourself…20140601_084846

Permit me to tell you about how smart my baby, Shikemi is. I look at her and while I feel pure bliss from looking at her, how she plays, how cheerful she is and how colorful her childhood is and looks, my heart goes out to all the beautiful children all over the world who have been denied a beautiful childhood that allows them to be carefree, to have a good education, to have a good start in life which will really be needed for all the craziness that accompanies life. Due to child labor, mental and physical abuse, lack of adequate protection and love, kidnapping, these precious souls have been denied a childhood. I only hope these children will be courageous enough to have a better future and we will help them to have that. No child should be denied his/ her childhood. Now let me tell you about Oluwashikemi and her walker.

Shikemi plays a lot and she never gets tired. When she sits down for a bit, a sigh of relief is released because you think she will stop playing and making you play too because you are tired. But nope, she is just gaining more energy to play a little harder and make you jump with her. The beautiful walker became the saving grace or At least that’s what we thought. Whenever I want to put her in the walker, she will fold her legs or wrap them around me so I won’t be able to separate them and successfully put her in the walker. It atimes works but there are just sometimes, you want to do other things and you don’t want her jumping from one place to another because she does. This little genius keeps moving even after she falls and maybe cries a little. If only we have the determination babies have.

So she fights and kicks against being put in the walker because she knows what it stands for. It stands for restriction and impediment on freedom and who likes to be caged?! But, because the adult is stronger than she is, though she is very strong and restless just like her mum, her strength is overpowered and she is put in the walker. Now, you would smile and feel happy with yourself but give my baby some few minutes and she sets herself free or makes you set her free.

Let me explain how…

She will cry. If that’s not working, she will push herself to where a table or your leg or something she can hold on to is. Then she will hold on tightly to that and struggle to get out. Her determination will both amuse you and make you just carry her out. With the chains removed, prison door opened, she breathes in fresh air and plays so much you can’t help but smile and marvel at God’s creation and intelligence.

images-14 Darling, are you feeling trapped?

Is that problem so much? Does the solution look so far away?

Is someone stronger trampling on your efforts?

You know you are more than this, you are not where you want to be and you don’t think you are strong enough to get out. You don’t think you have a fight left in you.

Darling, you have more than enough in you to get out. Like my sweetheart and babies inimages-43 general, you just have to be determined enough. You just have to get back up every time you fall because you know you have to achieve that greatness that the merciful father has deposited in you. He has done his part, now do yours.

Make efforts, ask for help, go to Him and follow His road map. For helpers to come your way, you have to be willing to try. You have to be willing to take the risk of getting a ‘No’. You have to trust yourself and your vision so well for others to see it and help you. You have to keep moving even if you feel trapped until you get your freedom from whatever or whoever it is. You are strong enough to and more importantly, you have the ancient of days backing you. If you are not sure he is, check your life to make sure you are living right by him. If you don’t know Him, you can visit the nearest church close to you.

images-89 Keep moving, keep trying, keep hoping, keep smiling and release yourself because just like my baby, you are strong and smart enough. Have a beautiful week..


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