The words I speak.

Hi guys. I hope you have all been doing amazingly well. I promise I didn’t abandon the blog. I just had to deal with somethings. I might not be as consistent in the next couple of weeks, but I will try my possible best to be here as often as I can. I wrote this earlier this morning with tired eyes, so please pardon me if there are errors. Have a great week ahead and watch this space.


I was in the middle of doing something serious when his call came in. I picked it and instead of hearing ‘hello’, I heard, ‘babe, they don’t forget’. Confused, I asked ‘they don’t forget what?’

‘They don’t forget what we say and what we do. People always remember even words that you didn’t think were significant. They remember those seemingly little things we do. Your words and actions are so powerful that they can make someone’s present dimmer or brighter. And those past acts babe, those past acts and words have killed some people’s soul without you even knowing. She made me realize that it all matters. The words I spoke in the past and my past deeds matter and they can still affect someone today even though I have moved on’, he said.

I was more confused, but deeply interested in what he was saying. ‘Who is she?’ I asked.

‘She is Tomi. The girl my friends and I were mean to in High school. She was the girl who was always by herself and whose self esteem we brought down through our words. We were just having fun then babe. We didn’t know what we were doing and we didn’t know it was adding more pain to a soul already coloured with pain. We were young and stupid, but apparently, being young and stupid is not really an excuse when acts done then can wreck the life of another.’

‘I saw her today after five years. She still looked like the same old Tomi. She turned her face to the other side when she saw me at the restaurant, but I went to meet her. She seemed surprised that I approached her, but I was just glad to see her. We had a long and surprisingly fun conversation. She seemed so happy and she told me I have changed. I have changed from the guy that added darkness to her life and surprisingly, she recounted everything I did to her then. Things that I couldn’t remember cause I never thought they mattered. She seems to have moved on, but I couldn’t help but be mad at myself for ruffling the feathers of such a lovely soul. Tomi taught me that even though I might not really be able to go back to change the past, I can make sure my future does not have the kind of past I have now by paying attention to my words and actions. They are seeds that will germinate’.


Josh released a good song, but I didn’t think I needed to tell him because he is popular and I didn’t think my comment would matter, but I just decided to message him on whatsapp. I told him his song was good and told him what I liked about it. He said thank you in a way that showed my comment mattered to him. He then told me of how he had not received encouragement since and he was already getting discouraged about putting out more songs, but my comment made him realize his art matters and even if he does not have a multitude as an audience, there is at least one person who is listening and that’s more than enough. He taught me that even when I feel my kind and encouraging words will get lost in the multitude, I should still say it because there might not be a multitude and even if there were, mine might be the one to give the extra boost needed.



Paul told me to let my words be seasoned with salt so it can add flavor to the life of the listeners

Because I do not know who is listening

I do not know whose life I will help with my words.

King Solomon told me that the power of life and death is in my tongue

And so I should always watch what I say to myself and others

For my words are like arrows sent forth

I do not know if the target would be me or another

My words make me who I am

As do my actions

My words and actions are direct products of what I stock my heart with

For out of the abundance of my heart, my mouth speaketh.

I should let Paul’s words sink into my system and be part of my life,

‘Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers’

Speak kind, but true words beautiful people.

Do the little things

For you do not know whose destiny these will shape.

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  • Temitope
    December 14, 2015

    Wonderful article Mayowa. You’re so right! We have to watch what we say to other people cause we don’t know what they’re going through and the words we say could really help them. God bless you.

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