This too shall pass!

It’s being long since I shared some of my other writing attempts other than the inspirational writings you are used to.

So here goes: This too shall pass. Enjoy!


This too shall pass…

You stare at me
I stare back at you
Your look no longer becomes a stare
It becomes a poignant look
You reach out
To get my hand
And I allow you
You wrap my hands in yours
And I feel what I don’t want to feel
I have been feeling it for days
But I have been fighting it
I can’t love you
I just can’t

It doesn’t seem realistic
And though you have never uttered
the words “I love you” to me
Your demeanor screams it
And you know I know
For there are some loves that are too deep
Too transparent not to be seen
But I can’t let my own heart speak to your heart
I can’t let my heart
Tell you I want you
Because I know we will never become one

So I stare back at you
I blink back the lone tear threatening to reveal what I feel for you
I sigh
You ask what is wrong
I tell you ‘this too shall pass’
You ask what
I smile and tell you ‘it’s nothing’
Though what I really want to say is
‘my heart will stop panting for you.
I will make it stop panting for you
Even though it will be painful
And I will have to withdraw from you’
Praying distance will not make my heart
Grow fonder.
I’m counting on distance
To make this pass away
For its better to hurt now
Than let my heart go too deep
And hurt later
When I would not survive it
This too shall pass, I say again
You smile at me and say
‘Indeed it shall’ and I wonder
If you also mean your love
For me will pass.

  • Oyindamola
    June 11, 2016

    I love this so much. Sometimes, opening the shell of our hearts can be the hardest thing.

  • Mateyscott
    June 11, 2016

    Thanks boo. Yeah, I definitely agree with you.

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