Time and Chance!

Mama told me to be nice to that boy that hawked goods on our street
Papa told me to stop looking down on people
Mama told me no one knows tomorrow
Papa told me time and chance happens to us all
‘Be kind to all you meet’
‘Show love to all you meet’
‘It is a seed you are sowing’
‘Life is unpredictable’
‘Live a life of humility’
Mama often said to me
But I felt they had smelly mouths
So I did not let their words sink in

Last week, I saw Amaka, the hawker in a big car
Yesterday, I saw Fred, the boy whose parents did not have money
In the office where I went to look for job
He is the owner of the company
And his clothes now look new
I recognised him
And asked how he made it
He said ‘time and chance happened to him’
I remembered father’s words
And wished I had listened
For mama and papa taught me life lessons
That remain even after their death

Amaka is now also a big woman
And Fred’s partner
The world is too small
For you not to meet those you were mean to
And showed hatred towards
They might be the ones that will save you tomorrow
Tomorrow will always come
Just because a person’s today is not bright
Does not mean the persons tomorrow won’t be colourful
Oluwa works in mysterious ways
Time works in mysterious ways
Life teaches us all a lesson
And it is that time and chance happens to us all
Sow the right seeds now
The seeds of love, kindness, mercy
For it is the seed that you sow
That you will reap.

Have an action filled week darlings. Please, take conscious steps to walk in the direction of the purpose for your life. Sow seeds as you are walking because no one knows tomorrow.

  • frances
    September 14, 2015

    Amen to sowing good seeds..they always grow and we’d always reap them!

    This was lovely as usual Mayowa…God bless you bigly! have an awesome week ahead!

  • MSM
    September 25, 2015

    Well said Princess Mayowa….that is reality of life… Stay Bless.

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