Tinted Glass.

Through this tinted glass, all I can see is red.

Nothing is pure, nothing is white.

They are meant to be,

But they aren’t.

However, what if this is the clearer view,

Because through this tinted glass,

I can see the pains,

The burdens,

The sins they all bear,

It’s like blood on them!


I see the bloodied bodies of the vehicles

As they’ve drank blood,

I see the lives they’ve shed,

Not the ones they’ve kept.

The land is red, not green,

It’s been painted with blood.

I shall not be part of the number!


I want to look at your, our tinted image.

We are not pure.

We are not white.

We are meant to be,

But we aren’t.

We say we love each other and I know,

Love has never been white,

It has always been red!


Red for all the pains you hailed on me

When you did something wrong,

When you cracked my heart,

Red for all the pain I caused you

When I cracked your heart.

Red for the burden we both carry of each other on our shoulders;

Me not making a move without your opinion,

You not making a move without my opinion.

Red for the anger and frustration.

Red for the sins we’ve committed for each other.


We don’t care.

Every step,

Every action we take is out of love.

They talk,

But we don’t listen.

All we know is each other and we are the white ones;

The ones seeing through the tinted glass

At the bloodied people outside.


However, some do say love is pink so maybe,

There’s a pinch of white in it.

White for the moments of peace,


Nirvana we experience together.

White for the joy and laughter.

White for the sacred thing

That is called our union.


When the glass breaks,

Everything becomes clearer,

No more blood

Or red

Everything is its true colour

And I see it,

Our love is pink,

Red and white,

Pure and impure

Let the glass break!

                                 Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun.

Have a good weekend guys!

  • mayowa
    January 23, 2015

    I am a proud sister, baby girl. This is simply beautiful.

  • akinrinola fopefoluwa
    January 23, 2015

    Now this is the life we humans live and a typical world we live in……….hmmm

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