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I have not been this sad about the death of someone I didn’t know personally like I have been since I heard about the death of Dr Myles Munroe. He was such a great man and he really lived a life of purpose, impacted the lives of millions of people he didn’t even know. Now, that’s the goal. To die empty like I read on Ochucko’s blog some minutes ago. The world is mourning the death of this great man whose legacy, words, teachings live on in our hearts. May your soul and those of everyone on the plane rest in peace sir!
The goal for me, more than ever before is to leave my footprint on the sand of time and this blog is one of the ways I plan on achieving that. This series, WAR ON WOMEN is also our way of telling victims of abuse, trafficking that we care. We will talk about it for their sakes and even If our stories, articles don’t make a difference, we would atleast know we were not quiet about the things that really matter. The entry for today was written by Ayokunle Oyebamiji. Kindly read and don’t just read without passing along his message. Thank you!
The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without purpose.
My name is Adetola Amina Ebere, I’m about eleven years of age. I’m the very first female child of my parents and the extended family of Ebere, the second born out of 4kids; 3boys and 1girl. I grew up in a family where the importance placed on having a female child is high because of the large sum of money tagged to the bride price for any girl from my village. So the day I was born and my father realised it was a female child, he rejoiced and danced; himself and his relatives were all over the place dancing not because they were happy it was a girl, but because of what they will get when I’ll be getting married, so I heard. My father had paid so much when he was marrying my mother, so he thought it was his own time to be rewarded that was why God gave him a female child.

As a young child growing up, my father took care of me. I enjoyed so much benefits, the ones my elder brother never enjoyed. I thought my father really liked me, I never knew it was because of what he was hoping to get from marrying me to a rich kingpin in our village till he started saying words like: “Grow up big on time and come honour me”. I didn’t understand the statement well until about two years ago when I overheard my mother fighting with him that I’m too young for him to start finding a suitor for me. I was heartbroken! I’ve been scared all this while for the past two years. I have a dream of becoming a neurosurgeon. I have heard of a man called Ben Carson and I want to be like him. I want to go to school and have the same opportunities girls my age have, be a mother at the right age and work in the city as a medical doctor but my father wants to marry me at the age of thirteen. Will all these dreams of mine just end up with me being a thirteen year old wife?


I wrote this story just to depict the commonest type of child trafficking, to depict a young Nigerian female child from any of the tribes who is faced with the challenges of having a greedy father. This kind is common to those from the North and the South South and it is the cheapest and easiest form of child trafficking happening in Nigeria, most African countries and some other parts of the world.

You most times think child trafficking is when someone literarily takes a child and sells him or her into slave trade for money but really child trafficking is any form of act or conduct on a child’s life that’s different from the child’s wish and detrimental to the child’s life for the sake of your own selfish ends. Thousands and thousands of children are trafficked every week, hopes, dreams and aspirations shattered every week, more prostitutes made every week from these girls whose dream of doing something meaningful with their lives was shattered by being sold into sex slavery, boys end up being thugs, rebels and some even get killed in being supposedly “freedom fighters”.

Myles Munroe said and I quote “the richest places in every country are their graveyards” and this he said because so many people with big dreams die unsung, without achieving such goals and remember such people were once kids. I am totally against child trafficking, I do not believe having a househelp is child trafficking but what you do to the child matters a lot. I believe if you’re a master, you should be very fair to a child that comes into your house as a help, treat them as humans too and according to the desires of the child help him or her. Who knows what the creator has planned for such a child and I tell you “we are a summation of all our experiences in life” this experiences changes the mindset and mentality of this young ones and probably makes them end up in what will be the nightmare of someone else tomorrow which can even be you or your kids.


About the author: Ayo is a friend, a good one. A graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University, an inspirational speaker who is really concerned about raising the right men and everyone maximising their potentials. He is the kind of friend that checks up on you alot to see if you are fine even if you are the type that’s terrible when it comes to keeping in touch like me. He strives to live for God and God can clearly be seen through him. He is a terrific singer. Here is an article by him.

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