Wake Up Mayowa!

Akinwale and I have decided 2016 will be our year of stepping out amongst other things. This year, we will take giant steps that will scare us and make us have doubts that will threaten to cripple us, but they are steps that we must take regardless of circumstance or fear. If you let fear stop you from doing things, it’s nobody’s fault but yours. Funny thing is, when you finally decide to take that step, you find out there really was no need to have that much fear and doubt, but like I recently learnt from Malcolm Gladwell, doubt is good. It increases productivity.

In my first post for the year, I shared my understanding of the fact that 2016 will share many things with 2015 and two important things they will share are that the time and days would still be exactly the same way. The clock won’t  change to give you more time to start taking action because it’s 2016. The days will also be the same except that we have been given one extra day this year. A day I am so sure adds nothing to many of us. I also talked about how I am sure we had goals last year, just as I hope we already do this year. What will however make the difference between this year and last year is the kind of ‘you’ you decide to bring into this year. By you, I mean consistent you? Focused you? Determined you? Prayerful you? … Add your own you.

I decided to bring a more consistent and focused me more than any other me into this year. Since Akinwale and I have decided it will be our year of stepping out, it means we have to be focused and consistent. We have to consistently keep doing things and putting one foot in front of the other despite failure, disappointment, lack of motivation and so on. I still have to find a way to write even when my heart says it has no creative juice to feed my mind. Judah Smith has told me not to listen to my heart because it is so fickle and if I listen to it alone, and not let will power trump its own tiredness (The heart is sometimes tired), I wouldn’t get all the things I need to get done. Very true! Although I haven’t been doing so well in my attempt to give my heart a backseat. It’s just so sensitive.

… and I am starting to digress. Let’s get back on track, shall we?

Consistency will make a huge difference in our lives this year loves, but to be consistent is another ball game entirely. Take me for example. I sleep a lot. I am actually one of those people that feel I need nothing less than 8 hours of sleep daily. My time table makes this happen with late classes except Tuesdays when I sleep less because I have a 9am class. Akinwale has refused to understand how someone can sleep for so long and not feel valuable time that could have been used for productive things has been wasted, my reply is usually that sleep is productive to me. But because he is such a disciplined person who believes time is too short to be ‘mis-used’, he has taken it upon himself to make sure I have just 6 hours of sleep. He is convinced I will thank him in the future and I am as well, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting more sleep.

He has become my alarm clock. For two days, I did it. I woke up early and boy, was he proud of me?! I was feeling myself too, but it didn’t take long for me to fall. I refused to wake up early the next day despite his many pings and ‘babe, I am disappointed’. Excuse me Mr, forget disappointment. I needed to feed my body with sleep.

I killed the consistency because consistency means to continually do whatever it is. But I will get back because there is no harm in falling and failing to sometimes meet your expectations. The only regret will be if we let our one time fall or even constant fall stop us from getting back up and pushing to be better and do better.

I might not always be consistent with sleeping for just 6 hours daily, but I will definitely not stop trying because I exceeded it yesterday and the day before.

You can do whatever it is love. So cheers to being consistent and super productive this year.

Happy new month precious souls. God will divinely lead us this month.Have a great week ahead and Please, Biko, Ejo,  subscribe to the blog and share the posts. I will soon put a subscribe pop-up ad which will be in your faces. Don’t make me force you o.

One can only pray this blog sees more of your comments this year. AMEN!!!

Remain awesome and be sure to be back here. We have beautiful delicacies for you this week 🙂


  • Mobolaji
    February 1, 2016

    I dragged the consistent me into this year too. And I’m already seeing results. It can be tiring, but totally worth it.
    I like sleep too o, but I’m a very early waker o. Even when I don’t have stuff to do, my body wakes!
    I got to school late yesterday (road travel from Nigerian to Ghana) and I still woke to arrange some things at midnight.
    I’ve tried to fight it, but my body is used to it. I guess that’s the point. Once you get to a stage where your body becomes used to waking early, you’d just wake! Simple.

    Well done love.

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      February 1, 2016

      Oh bless your heart. I wish I could naturally wake up early without going back to bed. The thing is i always wake up around 6 and again 7, but na lie. I go back to bed.

      Thank you for reading. looking forward to more of your contributions.

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