What can I do?

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‘What can I do?’ by Tyre Tribett has become one of my latest music obsessions. For me, the song shows how weak I am and how much I need and depend on God. I depend on Him for everything and though I sometimes feel like I can do things on my own, this song is a reminder that I can never really do anything on my own. Everything I do is done because God enables me to do them. He gave me life, he empoweres me with wisdom and intelligence. He strengthens me and let’s His grace continually abide for me. Everything I do is done because he allows it. I am what I am and who I am because of Him. If He is removed out of the equation, then there is no me. I don’t even want there to be me because I feel it is a great tragedy to lose a companion who has always directed you in the way to go. It will never be the same if you should walk alone. So anytime we want to boast in our works or abilities, I hope we remember everything is done because of the giver of life. I hope we remember to humble ourselves enough to ask ourselves what we can do without God. When we ask ourselves that question, I like to believe it will make us go on our knees and thank Him. It will also encourage us to lead the kind of lives He wants us to so our souls won’t lose their savour.

  • frances
    March 11, 2015

    I wrote a post for the future that almost seems the same with this.
    I got thinking when I saw a comment complimenting me.
    But why?
    It’s all God, none of me.
    I can’t do nothing by myself and I don’t want it to change from my dependence on God.
    I love that Tye Tribbeth’s song too.

    Hope School and al is fine? 🙂
    Takecare of you

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      March 13, 2015

      It can never be the same without God. Thank you for stopping by Frances. School is fine and I just remembered I never replied your mail. I should send you a mail soon. I hope the project is going as well as you want it to.

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