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Hello Loves! I hope you have all been well. I know it has been a little quiet here, but next week should be better. Be rest assured though, no matter how quiet it is every other day of the week, Friday’s will never be quiet as long as this series is still running.

Today, I have a friend who I met not so long ago, but bonded with immediately sharing a piece with us. Elizabeth accompanied Dhuppy to my house during the summer and lord knows it was like we had known each other long before that. The friendship has been maintained since then and it has been a blessing to have a determined, talented and serious business woman as my friend. I will do no further introduction. Kindly read and share this short, but insightful piece by ETP.


My name is Elizabeth T Peters and I blog at ElizabethTPeters.com. When said like that, it sounds so simple and stress free, and no one would think that pain would have started what has turned into my passion.

That’s right, I was severely hurt in September 2014, betrayed by people I had stuck out my neck for, almost losing everything as a result of their actions. Betrayed by people I was actually helping, that I needed nothing from in return.  It was out of genuine altruism and I was punished dreadfully for it.

The pain cut deep enough to make me search for a release, ordinary spoken words just wasn’t doing it for me and so I began to write. I wrote with such raw passion that it took me aback after finishing and so I decided there and then in the midst of so much pain and rage to make a blog and share my story with the world.

That was how I began blogging.

My blog, just over a year after inception, has been a blessing to me. Interviews, features, award nominations, advertisement placements, free products…the list is endless. When I started it, as you can guess, all these things weren’t the motive. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there, and as weeks went by people have stuck by and read each post week in and out. Even when new writers came on board and we had more frequent posts, the readers still came back and more joined.

So the moral of my story is: something good can ALWAYS come out of a bad situation. Darling, you can’t let  the bleakest situation close your eyes to the light at the end of the tunnel, because by the time you get out, the hardships of the past become a distant memory. Choose to let your tests become testimonies, you’ll be glad you did it.
About ETP:  I’ve been given the challenge of introducing myself. It’s not as simple as one may think; because you have to find the balance between telling everyone the great things about you, without blowing your own horn. Tough stuff I tell you.

Well, here it I’m Elizabeth T Peters and before anything else, I’m a Christian. I’m not your average one though, as I believe in relationship rather than religion, so everything I stand for on that ground has a reason, not simply because I was “told”. After this, I’m a medical student and I sure do love my course despite its many trials, the passion is very much alive. Last but certainly not the least – I’m a lifestyle blogger – you can check out my work on ElizabethTPeters.com, thanks for having me.

Have you gotten my new book? No? You can get it here love.


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