What will people say; my father is a pastor

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I am guilty of something and I’m guessing you are as well. It’s one out of the many Nigerian diseases and that disease that plagues you and I is the fear of what people will say. A times I wonder why I care so much about what people will say and why I let it stop me from doing the things I really want to do all because I’m scared of disapproving eyes from even people I don’t know… ‘It’s against the norm. This isn’t something the child of ‘so so so’ person should be doing’ and so I don’t do it, you don’t do it because it’s unconventional. Well darlings, it’s time to stop letting the whispering and loud voices of people; those close to us and strangers that can’t mind their business stop us from really doing what we know will definitely help us to become better persons. What will make us be pioneers of change and create a new norm.


 I want to tell you about my talented friend, Ife. 

Ife and I were chatting some months ago and he asked for my advice on something. He was confused about his music aspirations. He is really talented. I have listened to some of his songs and I can tell he will actually go places if he stays on the right track. He is not confused about branching out in future to do music. His issue however is if the secular music he wants to make will make people judge him especially because he is a pastor’s son. ‘when I hear some deep preaching about leaving the right legacy, I feel there is more to life than just doing the music that will make people dance. Doing gospel music is what will be expected of me and I feel I should do gospel music but in a secular way. The problem though is, there are a lot of issues attached. People judge you more, more people are watching you. You can’t hang out with female fans and there are many more restrictions as a Christian artist.’ What will people think about me?

I understand perfectly well where he is coming from. The old women in church will talk about how a pastor’s son is walking in the way of the world. They will question his Dad as their pastor… ‘Can a man that cannot lead his child in the right way to go really lead the church?’ Seriously though, some people especially old women and those that like doing holier than thou, that will eye you because you are not covering your head or because you are wearing trouser can even make someone stop attending a church because of their stares and stupid gossips. Church is one of the places that has the most gossips. Topic for another day.


I told him, ‘your music can make people dance but, it can also have an impact, send across the right message. Your music does not have to be the type that God’s name will be mentioned every time and it doesn’t have to be vulgar and have sex scenes. You can make a difference by being you. Your voice is the type that will take you places if you let it sing about your passions. NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, YOU WILL BE JUDGED BUT, YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE ABOVE PEOPLE’S JUDGEMENTS.’


A problem I have with Nigeria is that we have too many self-righteous people that are too quick to judge. Darlings, just like I told him, live your life, live right by you and most especially, live right by God. Like Ife said, God is the ultimate and if you are really doing his will and walking in his light, people can talk all they want. Darlings listen to meaningful advice but, you owe nobody no explanations when it comes to your life because no matter what, it is your life to lead and if you end up unhappy because you are scared of what people will say and you don’t chase after the things you really want , walking in God’s light along the way, it’s your fault. The truth is, its grace that keeps us. No one is holy. Even prophet Isaiah wrote in Isaiah 64:6 “we are all like one who is unclean, all our so- called righteous acts are like a menstrual rag in your sight.” (New English translation)


‘Sooner than later, I want to sit in my car and when I’m listening to your songs, I want to be able to smile. A smile that comes from knowing I just heard a song that will touch lives as it is touching mine. Not the senseless Jabbers people sing now adays. Don’t lose yourself because of music.’ That’s an advice I will give to myself and to everyone else… Don’t lose yourself in the process of being whatever you want to be. If music is your calling, do it and give your best. But, don’t say because this is what is accepted in the world now, you lose your originality and more especially, lose your stand with God. Don’t ever let the fear of people’s judgments stop you from doing something that is not morally questionable but, goes against the norm. When you fall, get back up and shut your ears to what people are saying. Always check your life and make sure God is with you because if his presence departs from you, you have lost it all even if it seems like money is flowing. Money is good but so are joy and a sense of fulfillment.
Why should we care about what they say when we have God’s approval?! People will always talk. To my darling Ife, I am too confident your music is the type that God’s light will shine brightly through if only you do right by him and you. May we be courageous enough to truly lead our lives.
please download and listen to the this song by Megatone Squad. The group Ife belongs to. megatone squad 
Have a beautiful week my darlings and don’t forget to share and express your views in the comment box


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