when money comes

I am sure just like me, all or many of you wonderful people reading this have at some point in your life thought to yourself or said to others that, if you get to ‘so so so’ position, you will do better. If you have money, you will help eradicate poverty or something along the humanitarian line especially after you have watched how cruelly someone was treated. One of the reasons I wanted to be a Lawyer from quite a young age though I missed road for a bit and played around with sciences was because I felt I could help people by becoming a lawyer. I can be a strong Human Right activist and give people the chance for rehabilitation but like Mayieve (the awesome singer who is part of megatone squad, who is also my name sake) said, ‘words are cheap’. They really are.

He sent a BC and in that BC, he shared some of his dreams with us. His dreams are connected to the state the world is in now and how music is no longer music (that one, I more than concur. I cannot understand most of the nonsense people sing these days and there are so many artists that sing nonsense that are even insulting yet, most of us sing and dance to them.. Anyway, to each his own). He promised that when his money comes, he will help the poor and he might have a top blog that will promote songs based on actual talent. That caught my attention and I messaged him to tell him, I hope his dreams come to pass and I really do but I will refer to his words again, ‘words are cheap’.

images-11Do you know what money and fame sometimes do to us?

They make us entirely different people. Strangers to ourselves and to others and unfortunately, we might be comfortable being strangers. We might be comfortable being too comfortable and forgetting how we vouched to help people. We might start looking at ourselves as superiors and start oppressing the people we promised to protect. That’s why I always tell people not to really insult a leader about the money being embezzled and the inefficiency when you really know if you become the president of Nigeria today, more money won’t be missing even if you are taking active steps to #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS and you are trying really hard to stop the citizens of your country from contacting Ebola disease although the citizens should also help themselves by being informed about the Ebola reports and being careful enough according to the advice of the health Personnel’s. So I mostly say, instead of criticizing this leader, why not help by also stopping some of the nonsense you do but we are not really people to listen to that. We are more of people to spread the first lady’s public display of theatrics (I still hear some people laugh about ‘darris God o’ and I honestly want to slap their faces. Move on mehn) although there are some leaders one can’t help but criticize *cough cough*

I will appeal to you just like I will appeal to myself: PLEASE DON’T LET MONEY OR/AND FAME CHANGE YOU. I know that’s not going to be easy and it requires special grace. I mean some of us are ‘spirikoko’ when there is no money but as soon as money comes, we are too busy to even visit God on Sundays. When you are climbing up, remember those people that believed in you from the start, that gave their all to help you to where you are. Don’t start saying they are smelling like garbage or they can’t be seen with you because you are ‘more than that’. Dude, you are nothing. Honestly, you having a little change don’t make you better although many will tell you it does. It’s just grace and favour and if you mess up… Please, remember how you promised to do this and that and don’t be like some politicians who forget they promised paradise when they were bleeding to get your vote. Biko, no make money change you and like Mayowa said, ‘GOD HELP US REMEMBER WHEN THE MONEY COMES.’

Stay cool my lovies and abeg comment and share now. Don’t you know it’s not easy to write Ahahn?! Lol! Na play I dey play o but seriously though, comment and share. Let’s help spread the news about mateyscott blog. By the way, If you haven’t subscribed, what are you waiting for?



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