When will you encourage me?

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When will you encourage me?

Seriously guys, when are you going to start encouraging me with your comments and by sharing posts on this blog?

Can’t you see my effort? Won’t you appreciate it and encourage me to do more, give my best?

When are you going to start telling me I’m a good writer and a particular story or article touched your life?

Common guys, when will you start encouraging me?

I kid but I have actually asked myself questions along those lines before. There are times you and I want to give up; we want to stop putting in effort because we feel we are not appreciated.

There are times you and I want to continue but we don’t know how to and we desperately want someone to push us even if we have God’s backing, we want human one as well.

There are times you and I get criticisms and no praise even though we are giving our best although there is still room for improvement. But instead of shutting up, someone says something jokingly or otherwise to ridicule our effort, our talent and we dwell so much on it. Wondering why the person can’t encourage us first; wondering why the person is blind and can’t see all the amazing things we have done and are doing.

Darling, I have come to learn that we need to encourage ourselves. We need to because it’s our life, they are our dreams, our passions and if we don’t appreciate it, no one will.

It’s our story to write and if others won’t recognize our worth, our talent, our efforts, we still have to push on because we have somewhere in mind, we have that amazing place our eyes are set on. We have goals to accomplish, we have songs to sing.

If they won’t appreciate our small beginnings, we owe it to ourselves and others actually to appreciate the small beginning. If we don’t appreciate our small beginnings, we won’t be able to see the big things packaged in that small beginning. Darling, we know where we are going but they don’t and we don’t have to force them to see. They will see when we keep going on. They will see when our perseverance and fortitude and faith in God start producing undeniable results.

Darling, do you know there are people that depend on your effort, on your stories, your songs and so on?

Do you know someone out there is being blessed?

So why are you discouraged?

Don’t you know the people criticizing you must have seen your efforts, your greatness before they can even have something to criticize? Besides don’t you know like my divine friend told me that : “They can’t criticize nonsense. They can only criticize what makes sense.” Darling, don’t you know the criticism is even needed to help you to be better although you might first be discouraged especially by how the words of criticism are uttered. So I will tell you what my divine friend told me: “GET WHATEVER THERE IS YOU CAN GET FROM WHAT THEY ARE SAYING AND MOVE ON”.

Do you know why you have to keep going on, keep encouraging yourself?

Because you are going somewhere. You are doing something right. If you are not, it will be too easy. You won’t feel like giving up. You won’t even feel you need external supports, but because what you are doing is great, it’s going to be great, you will feel like giving up a lot.

Cry! Please do but continue. Continue… think of those people that are blessed. Think of those few that are telling you what you are doing matters, you matter. Think of that greatness inside you that wants to explode and is just waiting for you to keep pushing.

It will be nice to have external support. It will be very nice but don’t waste precious time trying to get that. If they won’t encourage you, you have to do it. You owe it to yourself. 

I can do it! You can do it sweetie. I believe in you but you don’t even need me to believe in you. You need you to believe in yourself because you really don’t need external encouragement before you keep doing the amazing thing you are doing and before you start doing that amazing thing you have really been thinking about.

Guys it’s not easy to do something so learn to appreciate people’s effort and if you can’t appreciate, shut up. If you want to criticize, do it with sense in a way that the person will actually feel encouraged to take your criticism seriously and work on being better. But always encourage first.

Have you stopped doing something because you are not getting as much encouragement? Darling, its time to continue the journey. See you at the winning side.

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  • frances
    June 29, 2015

    So I just sent out the free chapter for the ladies from the upcoming book and I am here having some panic thoughts.
    I may postpone the launch of the full book..etc, etc.
    Truth is why I am having thoughts like this is because I haven’t gotten feedback from anyone- and my heart now is saying “the thing about being a people pleaser” is real.
    God will have to draw us out of it, for us to even fulfill purpose in life…
    And I think that’s what the little beginnings are for too.
    When you go through a stage when it’s only you and God encouraging you, you get to that point where it’s only the applause of your Father that matters-not people.
    That’s where Paul got to…so I say to my heart/silly thoughts, calm down! it’s not about me, not about people! Just use your gifts and talents the way God is calling you to do.
    Thanks Mayowa.

    Ps-erm, grace not to postpone the launch, if I do, it’s simply not cuz it isn’t ready…it will be fear/being a people pleaser that’s holding me back(God forbid)

    Have a great week ahead babes.

  • ademola samson
    June 29, 2015

    Nice write up, u r such a good writer…

    • mateyscott
      June 29, 2015

      Thank you for the encouraging words Bro Demola.

  • Adegbenjo Oluwatobi
    June 29, 2015

    Nice one. It came @ the right time. So help me God. Pls keep it up

  • mateyscott
    June 29, 2015

    Oh Frances, you have nothing to be afraid of. I received the mail about your book, but I haven’t read it yet because I have been very busy. I am glad and proud of you that you even sent copies of a chapter in the book. That’s a bold step and a needed step. You have started the journey and you will complete it because even if no one has said anything about the book chapter, it doesn’t mean no one’s life is not being touched. so keep letting your light shine and through it, giving others permission to shine their lights as well.

    You have to launch that book when you are meant to o *staight face*. You have nothing to be afraid of and you need not please anyone.

    Have a great week too. God bless you and I put my pin in the other comment. I might mail it to you.

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