why can’t you see it?

Hello! It’s MSM here (faith column) but Mayowa is posting for me. How are you all doing? and how was church service today if you are a christian and you went to church. Mine was awesome, nothing really beats being in the presence of the ancient of days. it’s a good thing you and I don’t have to wait till sundays to experience such amazing feeling of being in his presence. We can always commune with him anytime, even right now but that doesn’t mean the gathering of saints should be abandoned because i get a lot of ‘I don’t have to go to church to fellowship with God’. True but being among people of like mind with the same goal of dining with Jesus after life can encourage you. Besides, have you forgotten ‘where two or three are gathered, there i am?’ Please read this post with an open mind and share. I will be back tomorrow. Have a good sunday sleep :*

You are a gem! A carrier of grace!! Born for a purpose!!! Why can’t you see it? You are a solution to someone’s problem, and guess what, they will pay premium for it.2014-08-10-17-08-27--1960957920

Moji and I were childhood friends; we attended the same university and upon graduating, worked in different organizations. She worked in a Bank, and I worked as a civil servant in one of the local governments. She resigned from the banking sector after some months, and called me to tell me the good news, ‘Guess what?’, there was silence for a while as she waited for me to get whatever she wanted to tell me. When her patience wore thin, she said, ‘I resigned!!!’ and sounded so excited. I was confused as I could not understand why she would resign from a job with a good enough pay, ‘have you gotten another job?’, I asked expecting her to tell me she had. You can imagine my surprise when she said, ‘No, I just resigned to chase after my dreams.’ I couldn’t hold it in and busted out in anger, ‘you’re out of your mind’. I shouted a bit more and let her know I felt she was ungrateful because working in a bank was a big deal to me and I had always envied her.


Back then in university, Moji used to undergo training for catering and event planning. She was able to complete her training before we went for our youth service. As a result, she was able to materialize all she learnt back then in school. She started little and still continued during and after youth service before she got a job. In no time, her business had expanded and she became very skilled and important in her area of specialization. She employed people when she was working as a banker and finally left the level of employee to employer when she left her job to focus more on her business which is doing amazingly well. She went through more training in other to improve and learn some new things. She assisted me several times financially but that changed the day I called her to complain about how demanding my job was and how little the pay was. I needed her to help me financially and although, she was going to help me, she felt she needed to talk to me.

images-19“You have to do something else rather than this work of yours.” “How?”, I asked. “You have potentials, make use of them.” “I wish I know what you mean. I should have also trained with you. I am tired of running to you anytime I need assistance. What can I do?” There was silence for some minutes, then she spoke, “Go into your room, lock your door, take a deep breath, meditate and close your eyes. Build your home with your imaginations. Where do you want to be in the next five years of your life? Think of what you are passionate about. Then ask yourself if you are working towards your dreams. You have to discover your purpose in life. If not, you will not get to where you desire. What will feed you and your family for generations to come is already in you, it does not matter how little you feel right now. People may look down on you because that thing you carry seems irrelevant right now. God is just looking for that ‘little’ you carry as a point of contact to launch you into your destiny; into what will blow up and make you. The widow had ‘just a little jar of oil’ and God multiplied it to transform her life and that of her household. (2kings 4:1-7). Everyone carries something, identify your little jar of oil. In other words, look inward and see what skills, talents and gifts you have got that can translate to streams of income for you.

images-20So have a rethink, turn your passion into profit. I can see it, the bright future you will have if only you will work and trust God. Why can’t you see it?” I ended the call with her knowing it’s time to design a new future.

  • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
    August 10, 2014

    I love ‘find your own jar of oil’. We all have a jar of oil in us, even those of us that feel empty, like we have nothing and can’t be anything. We already have that deposited greatness in us and all we need to do is look within and reach out and also never stop trusting God. we have to stop being lazy and start taking charge of our lives.

    I also like how you pointed out (ish) that having a vocational training is good. Its really good to have a voactional training which can earn you a little extra. Nice article and see you tomorrow sweetie.

  • MSM
    August 13, 2014

    Thanks you Mayowa, my pumpkin. you inspired me.
    God Bless

  • frances
    September 28, 2014

    OmG! Who wrote this? Thank you for inspiring moi..i am even going to copy what the friend said to save on my phone..to use on one of those days when all seems bleak.
    Indeed, tis what we have in our hands that God will multiply..we simply have to look within us and find it…

    • Oluwamayowa Depo Oyedokun
      September 28, 2014

      MSM wrote it and thank you on her behalf. Like she said, God has already deposited everything we will need to become what he sees us as in us. We just need to reach within and start from somewhere.

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