Why every Nigerian should be an Arsenal fan.

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Hi guys! Happy Independence Day to every Nigerian and Nigeria lovers. May you have a greater tomorrow Nigeria and May peace be seen in your today. I am so sorry that I am just posting this. I did post it earlier today, but it was unedited (hopefully, it’s edited enough) and I had quite a busy day. So I couldn’t attend to this on time. Despite the delay, it is still worth reading this lovely piece by Samuel Ishola. I really pray we start seeing Nigeria as our responsibility and work to make it better. Remain awesome loves!


I am the kind of person that could be unreasonably adamant ‘hopes against all things’. Despite the situation, circumstance or condition, I still hope for the best. That is why I’m still a passionate arsenal fan even though I have every excuse to have jumped ship ( side eye to ‘new’ Manchester city fans) seeing as year in, year out I keep getting disappointed. I’m that fan that was hoping that arsenal could have roughed a goal into Monaco’s net in last year’s UEFA champions league round of 16 second leg match even when it seemed hopeless. I’m the type of fan that pulls his calculator out towards the end of the season to ‘chart a winning course’ for his team. That’s when my mathematical permutation and combination skills go to work, even though it never pulls through and honestly,80% of the time I never get what I want. Still every new day, season and match, I hope for the best.

I am a Nigerian(obviously, but then we could have people from other countries reading this ;)…see, don’t hate, let me just be a star in peace) And as someone I once famously quoted ‘the recipe for a high blood pressure and hypertensive life is being a Nigerian football fan  and an arsenal fan at the same time.’Write that down!!! And say it to your loved ones from time to time. I should could probably write a book on that (if you don’t me, Google ‘man dies during Nigeria/ Arsenal’s match’ 😐 ). Okay, let me get back. I am Nigerian, and arsenal football club and Nigeria have a lot of similarities. Let’s look at some…

1.) They are both consistent in their inconsistency. You never know what to expect from the government or the coaching team as they could pull ‘stunts’ on you at any given time with their irrational decision making which is mostly due to sentimental attachment to some people/ areas/ players as the case may be, or just plain ignorance.

2.) The fans/ people could turn on you at any given time. When the team plays well, the fans praise the players/ coach and they’re fine until something discomforting happens again. See, if I had a penny for every time #WengerOut trends on twitter, I’d probably be rolling with Bill Gates one of Dangote’s upper echelon staff right now. And Arsene Wenger is still arsenal’s manager and looks to be like that for a while (maybe the arsenal board actually uses twitter polls and #WengerIn has a greater share than #WengerOut…who knows). Anyway this is the same way in which the people support a government when all is going well and they’re looking to impeach them once something goes wrong. I don’t blame them actually, everybody wants to associate with a system that works.

3.) At the beginning of every tenure/ season, we have high hopes, expectations and aspirations. Even though we’ve been disappointed year in-year out, we still keep hoping and praying that the new term/ tenure or season will bring glad tidings though we know deep down that this is just a fantasy. We still hope nevertheless.

The secret to being a healthy human arsenal fan is this -‘Hope for the best, be prepared for the worst’ this is a perfect realistic approach and as far as I can say, it works (seeing as I’m not dead…yet). This way, your optimism is rational and realistic enough. This is my definition of a perfect realist (I never seem to understand pessimists by the way, but that’s something for another day) and really, that’s how it works.

Blind optimism could kill, you have to understand that things happen, life happens. Sometimes your faith is tested, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not on the right path, it just means that you understand that things could go wrong…terribly wrong. But you’re still prepared to keep forging ahead.

Yes, I believe in my team and I hope major honours will come soon, but I have a stronger believe in my country. I believe in the fact that God doesn’t waste resources and he has endowed my country with so much. For many reasons, it might not look like it at the moment but YES, I BELIEVE IN NIGERIA.

The coaching staff at Arsenal might be ineffective and there’s nothing I can do about that (except I grow up, get a lot of money and plot to buy the club. Dangote is a boss btw). In the same vein, the Nigerian government might be ineffective too, but believe me, there is something I can do about it. I can start by having the right mindset towards the country and hoping that things will get better even though the worst is happening right now. Because when mind-sets become ideas and eventually a lifestyle, other people begin to see it and it becomes communicable (literally and figuratively) to them. You’re the host, the change virus.

The question is what are you carrying inside you because either by action or inaction you’re saying something. An artiste once said ‘you never know what you’re saying by what you’re doing and what you’re doing by what you’re saying’. I think it was said by one of the Jacksons sisters in ‘I believe in miracles’. We are the future of this country/ of this world. So whether we like it or not, the generation in power will die off and the baton will be handed to us.

What are we going to do with the baton??

Maybe, just maybe that ‘unreasonable adamant’ attitude to a positive lifestyle and hope for better things is what we really need.

This independence day, think on these things, pray for Nigeria.

God bless our country,
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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