Why I believe.

Hello Beautiful people. I hope we are all doing well. I apologise for not posting last week Wednesday. I am going to make up for that by sharing a poem from my younger sister’s brilliant mind. Kindly read and share this piece by the talented Oyindamola. It’s a post that really should be shared, so please lets help get the message out there. You never know whose life you are turning around.


Dear Mr Agnostic and

Mr Atheist

You think of us

We devoted Christians

As a blind flock of sheep

Following the rules and principles that an ancient book set

Looking up to a ‘dead ordinary’ man

Who we claim is the saviour of the world

Smiling at an ’empty sky’ willing it to rain down all our wishes


But I ask you this:

Do you feel the fire burning so deep within you

Reaching for every single part

Giving life to you;

But not destroying you?

Do you feel the crown of glory on your head

That beams at every given opportunity?

Do you feel the praise overwhelming your heart

And moving you to do things inexplicable?

Do you see the treasures in that ancient book

That give an assurance of something greater?

Do you feel His presence taking over

And filling you up with bundles

Of an interminable joy?



You might claim I say

A stupid faith

You might scoff

Logical explanations

You might throw in my face

For what I call miracles

But just admit it

If it hadn’t been seen before

If it was so strange and so wonderful

Why didn’t it happen to the ones

Who didn’t follow a dead man blindly?

Why did it happen to the ones

Who called themselves children of God?



You might shout

But how many coincidences will happen before you realise

There are some things far greater than science?

Far more complex than any logic?

You know how these ‘coincidences’ happen

But do you dare to know why it happens?

There’s this amazing supernatural being in the sky called God


The God

And guess what?

He has a son

The very one you called dead who reigns with Him

That dead son resurrected

And the spirit of God roams the earth

Abiding in those who believe

Who are justified

By their faith.


I said it

I’m sorry

This truth won’t bite you though

I promise


I believe because I feel a world you do not see

I see it in all its glory

You may think I am crazy,

But truly

In the end

For those who waited till the VERY end

Who faith Neva epp?

It works for me

It works for the children of God

But all this headache you’re giving yourself

Thinking on how God doesn’t exist

And wondering why people are so dedicated to such a fallacy

When you can just epp yourself and admit He does

And then revel in the glory

Why be found wanting in the end?

And yes,

There is an eternity

Hell or Heaven

Oh yes, they are not myths

I cannot give you proof

You have to find the proof yourself

When you run to Him.

It’s a chance worth taking.

Yours sincerely and God-filled ?,

Pauly D.O



Oyindamola recently released her first book, Love and God. It’s an ebook that is very affordable and gripping. Honestly, it’s such an interesting book that you wouldn’t want to drop until you are done reading. Good thing that it’s an easy read and an ebook that can easily be carried everything. Epp my baby’s ministry and get a copy here and also tell others about it. May your ministry not lack helpers.

Here is a synopsis of Love and God…

Life had been good for Feyikemi. Her job was good, the cash great. The dashing guy who laid next to her day and night was everything: sweet, considerate, caring and very attractive. He satisfied all her needs but one: the need for a higher power in her life- God. The desire to have both God and man is plausible. But what happens when the man makes her choose?

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    October 27, 2016

    Thank you.Thank you. Thank you!!!

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