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So my younger sister is weirdly a crazed football fan and ya’ll are about to read this article that was written by the awesome Damola…

images-9I was never really a football fan. I mean I used to claim to be a ‘Chelsea fan’ but I didn’t know anything about them other than that they are called ‘the blues’ and that they’ve won a lot of games and all. The only player I even knew was Drogba because he’s African and people often spoke about him. But, when I actually sat down to watch a match Real Madrid played in under the pretence that I was a crazed football fan because the people that thought I was were there; I had to act now and not ‘fall my hand.’ Lol, but I really stopped acting at a point. I fell ‘in love’ and I was proud that I was watching such a match. To me, Real Madrid is the real definition of football.

And, I admit; most girls are only fans of certain football teams because of one or two fine boys that are highly recognised. They don’t even watch the matches of those teams but you’ll see them tagging ‘MUFC’ or ‘The gunners’ or ‘HalaMadrid’ or ‘Barca’ in their Twitter bios because they like the way Ozil or Christiano Ronaldo or Karim Benzema or Neymar looks which I sometimes find pathetic but who can blame them, those guys are real eye candy( 😀 ). However, you can find some real female football fanatics who are as dedicated as males almost like I am now. At first, I did have a thing for Christiano Ronaldo before I started watching matches because he is exceptionally blessed aesthetically but when I watched him play, I knew what a great player he is. 2014-08-06-15-30-20--1960957920

When you talk about Real Madrid, you talk about teamwork. The players are never selfish, anyone can score a goal and they cooperate so much in passing the ball around, that ball control is amazing to me. They also have very talented players who have so many skills to offer. Amazing speed comes from players like Bale, that guy is a ‘Cheetah’ on grass. Players like Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Pepe amongst others who make up a great defence squad. There’s also the likes of Modric, Isco, Di Maria and Xabi Alonso, the all-too-good mid-fielders who are also key players in any match. Then comes the victory- scorers, Christiano Ronaldo( CR7 as popularly known) who never disappoints and is the first RM player in history to win a FIFA Ballon D’or and the first Portuguese player to win it twice, he has also set records for ‘most goals scored’ in La Liga, UEFA Champions League (the list of his accolades go on and on), and Karim Benzema(a hottie) who’s also made his mark in football history. Also, one must not forget the very alert goal keeper who is the chief of defense, Iker Casillas who is also the captain of the formidable team.

images-8I love Real Madrid players because they represent well even when they’re playing nationally. It is undisputable that almost every RM player played well in their national teams during this year’s World Cup from Di Maria in Argentina to Marcelo in Brazil (scrap the own goal) and Benzema in France. I am proud of my players anywhere. Lol. I can boldly declare Real Madrid as the best football club anywhere in the world.

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Oyindamola Depo-Oyedokun,

(just another RM fan)

  • mayowa
    August 6, 2014

    Though I am not that much of a football fan and I don’t even know most of the players you mentioned. Well I know Ronaldo (who doesn’t know that fine dude) and I only came to know about Neymar during world cup (I still believe Brazil’s ass won’t have been whooped that much if he played in that match against… Err, can’t remember the country) and yes I know Benzema. And Yes, I was one of the girls that claimed to love football (I still claim Arsenal till date. But it’s time to throw loyalty out the window. I mean, these people lost to Emirates. It’s too bad) because of the players and because I didn’t want to be seen as a girly girl. I have moved on to Basketball (team #Lebron).

    I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for writing it Damola.

    • oyinda
      August 7, 2014

      Yo welcs.

  • Sam Ayo-Oyebamiji
    August 7, 2014

    @oyindamola, waa gbayi jawe. I’ve always seen female die hard fans of football but I never knew one as close as this *thumbs up* but I’m not sure CR7(I really don’t like him much cos of his temperament, don’t mind me)is d only madrid player who’s won the FIFA ballon D’or. I think Ronaldo delima, Luis Figo and Zenedine Zidane too did but mehn!!! I’ve freaking falling in love with u *winks* for loving football unlike our aunty mayowa *tongue out*. Ku Ise ojare.

    • oyinda
      August 8, 2014

      Lol, thank you.

  • Ife Edun
    August 13, 2014

    I loved this article Oyindamola. More power to your elbows!!

  • Tuka Uzor
    August 14, 2014

    #HALAMADRID! GOOD JOB OYINDA, AWESOME PEICE ….. One of the few girls I know tht actually understands football.

    • oyinda
      August 15, 2014

      Thank you, Tuka!!!! Don’t forget to share oh. I double dare you.

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