You. Are. Complete

Hi guys! I am in court, it is boring. So I decided to go through some of the documents on my iPad and I found some poems I wrote. I wonder why I haven’t shared them with you. So,I’m going to share one with you now. I wrote it earlier this year while I was meant to be preparing for a seminar. Have fun reading and do stay awesome. Much love?


“You are complete!”
“You are complete!”
“Dammit you are complete”
You keep saying to yourself as the tears stream down your face
It started as a sob
The sob started as a result of you thinking,
Why do you always give your love to the wrong people?
The ones you love so fearlessly even though
You hardly love anyone so fearlessly
Why did you give it to them?
The ones that never deserved it,
While the ones that probably deserve it gave up on
Trying not to get what they know they never would get
Because you are stubborn
Because you are careful
You never give your love fearlessly to just anyone
Not the ones that tell you they miss you
And you know they genuinely do
Not the ones that text you a lot
Just to know if you are okay
Though you never text them
Not the ones that never let their actions betray their words
They say they love you and you see it
Through their actions
But you never miss them
Even though you want to
You never think about them enough
To message them just to say hi
You never care enough about showing them
Your love though you love them
Just not enough
And you are careful to never tell them
You love them
Because you don’t want to lie to them
But here you are
The sobs have escalated into real tears
As you wonder why you throw your love away

For long, you pretended it didn’t matter
You lied to yourself that it didn’t matter
That they did not give you the kind of love
You wanted; the type you thought you deserved
But you started clamouring for this love
When you would stare at your phone and wish it
Were them texting you
When you would want someone to talk to
And wish it was them you could talk to
Not the ones that are always ready to listen
Not the ones that beg you to open up to them
You appreciate them
Just not enough to grant their request
But the ones you want can’t be reached
And you tell yourself it doesn’t matter
You are fine
You are complete without them
And you believed it for so long
Until now

You stare at the big textbook on your lap
You are supposed to be reading
But you start thinking instead
You want to talk to them
But you can’t
Because you would not message
Because you know there would be nothing
To say
Though there are a lot to be said
You want them to ask you if you are fine
So you can choose to lie to them
And say you are
like you lie,
To the ones that tell you
They love you
Or you can choose to tell them
The truth and pour out your heart
To them unlike you do to the Others
You tell yourself you are fine
Though you know you are not

Then the tears, the stupid tears smile at you
And tell you you are not fine
And it’s okay
It’s okay to miss them
It’s okay to feel you are not complete without them
It is okay to wish for their love
But it will not be okay tomorrow
You will sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow
As the strong girl you are
As the complete girl you are
You are complete, you’ve got you
And the other beautiful souls that truly love you
And show that they do
Are human beings not funny?
We look for what we want in a far away land
When it is right there staring us in the face
But we never want the ones close by
We always go after the ones that do not
Want to be gone after
But tomorrow, you will wake up content
And full of smiles
Grateful for the ones that stay
Grateful for the love in your heart
And you will learn to love yourself so fearlessly
That you would not need anyone to be complete
You will be complete all by yourself
And you will know you did not throw
Your love away.
Maybe you gave it to the wrong people
But you did not throw it away
You gave it because you have that much love
In you to give away
And when you find the person(s) who will
Give you the love you know you deserve
You will thank the ones
You gave your love to
Because they prepared you
They helped you to be complete
While you awaited the soul(s)
That deserves the love.

  • abey
    August 28, 2015

    My darling is growing in poetic prowess,go girl you’ve got stuff,nice ending!

  • frances
    August 28, 2015

    Hehe, so like me you share posts when you are in court ba?
    And think of writing or actually write when you are supposed to be doing something else, ie, preparing for a case..ok, light pointing towards purpose ba?
    I rest my

    I loved this Mayowa..used to be her. Loving the wrong ones, now no more. Now we wait and grow even as we wait for God’s right one(s)

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